Cloud Computing Steps

An Overview

While a shared web hosting costs much less than a dedicated server, the latter is the preferred web hosting service by many companies because of its reliability and control.

Dedicated hosting is emerging as a popular option for many midsized companies and businesses that put premium on control and flexibility of a single server. This setup requires minimal intervention for the hardware and software aspects as these are handled by the web hosting companies. This includes binding IP address, set up of firewall or filters, installation of Apache or DNS to the server.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The choice of dedicated hosting provides the opportunity for companies to have their own server while freeing the company from the responsibility of location and Internet connection.

An obvious disadvantage of dedicated hosting is its cost. But this issue is slowly becoming an irrelevant issue as it is now a thriving business and the price tag is on a downtrend. Moreover, the cost is easily justified by the attendant benefits that dedicated hosting offer.

Another disadvantage of dedicated hosting is its technical skills requirement. You must have the capability to do upgrading, installation and configuration of programs, adding of sites and deal with hacking problems.

Managed Servers and Unmanaged Servers

If you are deciding the kind of hosting service, whether managed or unmanaged or semi-dedicated, your company will require, it is important that certain issues are included in the equation. These includes geography, terms of service, back bone providers, and back up power supplies.

The decision to opt for the unmanaged server can be predicated by the significant difference in cost of operating and maintaining the server. The company is solely responsible for the monitoring of performance and services that ran on the server as well as the general software maintenance.

If the requirement is for the website to stay online 24/7, it would be too risky of you don’t have a technically competent team to monitor your server round the clock. The additional cost of hiring appropriate manpower should be included when making your decision.

In situations that the server is going to be used for q website that has to stay online 24 hours, it would be practical to opt for the managed web hosting. It frees the company from the responsibility of monitoring and maintenance of the server.

Cost difference between managed and unmanaged web hosting may not be significant on a single server. However, if we are dealing with a large server cluster, then you will see the significant savings on opting for the unmanaged servers.

However, if you think that your company may not have the technical manpower and the significant amount of time to monitor and maintain the server, then managed server is your best option.

You should look ate a managed server as a dedicated server with value-added feature and support. When you opt for a managed server, you get the basic feature such as choice of operating system, hardware repair and replacement. On top of these, you also get the equivalent of a 24-hour fully dedicated team of server and database administrators.