Are You and Your Website Ready to Move Up?

It was just a few years ago, that you uploaded your first website. It was homely and not very good, but you tweaked and redesigned and now that same “ugly duckling” has over 500 web pages and close to 30,000 visitors a day!

After all your hard work and burning the late night oil, things are finally paying off big. Your shared hosting account was great in the past, but suddenly you are facing more technical challenges than ever before. Should you move up to using a dedicated server?

This article will explore the option of working with a managed dedicated web hosting service, so you can make the right decision as your website progresses to the next level.

What is a Dedicated Web Hosting Service?

Basically, a dedicated server is type of internet hosting account, where you lease or rent a complete web server with network connections from a company so you don’t have to share it with other users.

You can lease a web server under either a fully managed hosting account (the service provider does everything, you are completely hands off) or as a managed dedicated web hosting contract (where you have control over your machine and the providers gives you specific add-on services.) A managed dedicated web hosting account is usually the more common of the two.


Managed Dedicated Web Hosting – Advantages

This type of account gives you several advantages:

Using the tips you just learned about, you are now ready to explore the opportunity of moving to a managed dedicated web hosting service that best fits your growing website.